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5 accessories every woman should have in her dressing

When it comes to fashion, especially for women, accessories have become more and more important, exceeding even some clothing items. Accessories are those that utterly complete an outfit, that make it distinctive and impressive. Women have different styles and unique personalities that dictate how they dress and what items they choose when they go shopping and while that is also valid when it comes to accessories, there are 5 items that are essential to every woman’s wardrobe and each and every one of us ladies should own.


Item no 1: The Pearl Necklace. It is classic, elegant and timeless and it will never go out of the style. The pearl necklace says you have the necessary distinction and grace to pull out any kind of elegant outfit. While this item may be quite expensive, don’t hesitate to buy it as soon as possible, if you don’t already have one, as you will be able to use it and enjoy it for many year to come, being the perfect accessory for dinner parties or even dates.

Item no 2: The Leather Handbag. Even though the handbag industry has thrown an incredible variety of designs and materials at us, no woman can deny the value of the classic leather bag, especially in a neutral color, so that it can match a wide range of outfits. Apart from being a highly practical accessory, leather says quality and high quality accessories say stylish, regardless of whether you want to adopt an elegant or casual look.

Item no 3: The Floppy Hat. Although it is the kind of accessory you can only wear in the summer, the floppy hat is a must. Once you have it, you will see that it will become your go to accessory for the entire summer and that it will go with almost everything in your summer wardrobe. The best thing would be to get one in neutral color, so that it can be more easily matched.


Item no 4: The Black Leather Gloves. You may be one of those women who are instantly attracted by rich colored gloves and scarfs, which are funny and childlike, and they might even suit you, giving you a frolic look, but the black leather gloves should nevertheless be part of your accessories. They are also timeless and chic, not to mention extremely practical both in autumn and winter. Furthermore, leather gloves will surely last for several seasons, due to the sturdy material.

Item no 5: The neutral colored scarf. Scarves also go with almost everything, every type of outfit and if you choose a neutral color, you can’t miss. Whether you like to keep in touch with the latest trends or you prefer more classical outfits, the scarf will go like a charm with both styles, not to mention the fact that you can easily find high quality scarves at great prices.