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5 Trends in Earring Fashion

If many of you are wondering where accessory fashion is heading in terms of earrings for the following season, then rest assured as we have prepared a detailed list and analysis of earring trends for 2013-2014. As most fashion blogs and beauty magazines focus on the main and classic pieces in clothing and established accessories, like bags and shoes, there are few people out there who know what created the real show stopping moments on international runways.

We are talking about a less visible, but highly noticed piece of jewelry: the earring. And as new, modern times impose it, another star is appearing in this category, the multiple ear piercings. Do not think immediately about heavy metal inspired, painful heavy piercings that make anyone look like they just arrived from a rock concert. Keep reading this article and you will discover what are the main 5 trends in earring accessories and what is the proper way to wear those sought after, modern ear piercing.

The 1st trend involves the classic stud earrings. If you thought they were “out”, then you were very wrong. Made from the best materials on the market and with high quality finishes, studs are definitely the most popular form of earrings that was invented for everyday wear. This high practically makes them appropriate for school and college, any type of office, traveling or even for the gym, as they are not only beautiful and elegant, but also light and go unfelt by their users. For that touch of modernism, this season’s stud earrings incorporate top quality elements and materials, such as 18 karat gold or genuine small diamonds.


The 2nd earring trend is multiple ear piercings. The concept that you can wear more than one single earring on each side is appealing to more and more women out there, who are fascinated by the thought that they can show off more precious jewelry piece at the same time. With shapes varying and a wide array of sizes, the combinations are practically unlimited. Even combinations of multiple lobe piercings and one or two piercings to the cartilage area are becoming increasingly worn and very popular amongst stars and ordinary people alike. This kind of women handmade jewelry is becoming more and more popular, and the great advantage is that you can find a wide array of models at reasonable prices. These earrings are ideal for those with a bohemian style, and who don’t necessarily need to wear precious metal jewelry. Moreover, women handmade jewelry can have a really unique look, it can be original and artistic, and sometimes it can truly represent our personality, especially if we have it custom made.

feather earrings

Trend no. 3 refers to the eternal hoops which never get out of style. This classic shape of earrings varies in size from large to small and this season’s favorite, oversized. You can buy them in yellow or white gold, silver or covered in diamond pieces and the best way to wear them is alongside with other rounded accessories, like overlapping strings of heavy bangles or many thin bracelets. The occasions where they are appropriate vary from red carpet and vintage events to the laid-back, urban parks. Luckily, this trend for large, chandelier-type earrings has matched another one, regarding hairstyles; thus, if you adopt one of the popular short haircuts like bob or pixie, and find some interesting red hair color ideas for a complete transformation, you will be able to reinvent yourself and create a unique style that sets you apart.

The 4th trend is surrounding drop-shaped earrings or chandeliers. Ideal for the serene, romantic looks, these long and impressive earrings appear very feminine and match fabulously with pretty gowns and elaborate hair dos. The modern twist to this classic accessory: larger versions and sculptural looks are ideal for parties and other special events.

nice earrings

The 5th and final earring trend is all about color. You guessed it: neon is back! The color variety for this season’s accessories ranges from soft to cool, from warm colored stones and crystals to cool, elegant black and white pieces. Not to mention the highly appreciated transition from fashion, neon colored earrings, that come in all shapes and sizes.