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A Woman’s Clothes Speak to Her Personality

Women dress according to their personalities, says clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner in her book: You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You. In fact, to quote Dr. Baumgartner, “your clothes reveal what is really going on internally. Your thoughts and feelings are laid bare in the closet – you just have to look for them.” The book doesn’t simply analyze types of clothes and wardrobes, matching them with personality styles or inside feelings, but it also talks about the typical errors that women make when they shop for clothes. In the attempt of describing and explaining how women wardrobe decisions let others know the secret desires ladies are trying to hide, Dr. Baumgartner gives relevant examples, saying that too much cleavage indicates power hunger and desire for total control and that over the top jewelery suggests a feeling of insecurity, as well as financial difficulties. The entire concept that clothes don’t simply embellish the female body, as they are meant to do, but also speak to the personality and inner feelings of the woman is surely interesting and engaging.

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Even the shopping habits have underlying conditions in the sense that only buying designer labels or constantly wearing office clothes are also signs of characteristic features, as well as getting stuck in a style rut is. Even women who are obsessed about following trends, can be deciphered according to their obsessions. Whether they use sophisticated acrylic nail designs or simple nails, the way a woman cares about herself speaks a lot about her personality. Buttoning up your clothes means suppressing your femininity, which can be associated with you believing that your femininity is a weakness, instead of a strength. At the opposite end, wearing high heel can make women look less intelligent, but also more confident, as you they will be as tall as male colleagues. For women who always seek comfort clothes, like trainers or large dresses, regardless of the occasion or event, it is a sign of suppressed feelings, which in most cases comes from either exhaustion or guilt. Dr. Baumgartner speaks about all these trends and styles in her book, as well as many others, giving insightful tips to women all over about how they can better match their personality to their wardrobe and style choices.

Women who dress sloppy can be perceived as confident because one can assume that these women simply don’t care what other people say about them. However, such an attitude can also mean that these women are insecure and they don’t think that they can be beautiful or elegant. Nowadays, it is very easy to care for your appearance as we have many tools at out disposal. For example, there is no reason why you should wear wrinkled clothes. We know that most women hate ironing, but did you ever hear about garment steamers. These devices allow you to eliminate fabric wrinkles a lot faster than ironing. You can learn more about fabric steamers by reading the website.

Aside from wearing clean and unwrinkled clothes, we can also care for our hair with ease. For example women with curly and frizzy hair had a lot on their plates a few years ago. However, things are a lot easier nowadays due to the innovative flat irons and rotating brushes. Given these facts, it is pretty obvious that if a women is sloppy with her appearance, it is not because she is confident, but because she is insecure and doesn’t value herself.


Apart from explaining how women clothes tell other people about the personality and inner feelings of the wearer, Dr. Baumgartner also helps women get out of the above mentioned style rut and mix things up. In fact, the author is not only a clinical psychologist, but also a fashion consultant, who guides women through the process of changing their style and finding one that is more suitable to their personality, as well as beneficial to their self esteem, away from the media images of size zero models, sophisticated hairstyles or acrylic nail designs. Whether the theory of clothes matching personalities is true or not, the bottom line remains that women should indeed find and choose clothing items that go well with their way of being and acting, making them feel more in power and increasing their self esteem.