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Accessories for all ages- highly visual bracelets

You have probably seen the recent trend of wearing multiple bracelets on the same hand, pilling them up one on top of the other, until they cover a large part of your hand. And you have probably noticed, or even worn, large hand ornaments overlapped on top of the wrist. This season brings little change to these trends and continues with the dominance of what specialists call, large visual items meaning imposing bracelets that make a statement piece for your outfit.

The reasons to wear a large visual item on your hand are strictly linked to the way current trends evolved and set the rules for the recent period in time. We have seen more and more people praising the one accessory rule, which means choosing one piece of accessory, like the shoes or a colored bag, and turning it into the highlight of the outfit. Things have not remained here and even your arm can now be that showstopper which everybody notices as you pass by. It only requires a little bit of attention on your side and a great eye for details in order for the overlapped or large impacting look to work in your case as well.

And if you are not feeling confident enough to create statement sets of bracelets on your own, you will be glad to know that there is a large variety of combinations and bracelet compositions which are already put together and you can find in accessory stores.

You might be wondering how to accessorize the accessories, but as funny as it sounds, many women have no clue about the proper accessories that go with a large, statement piece like a set of small bracelets or wide metal large ones. The best piece you can wear with a semi-covered arm is a large ring, always placed on the same hand as the multiple bracelets collection or overlapped ornaments. After doing so, you should probably leave the opposing hand empty and not accessorized, in order to create the balance of a look just on one side and not to confuse those watching you. Falling into the realm of kitsch and overdone can be very easy when you want to put more pieces of jewellery and accessories in the same place, as they can become too much for the look, but by carefully matching them with neutral and unembellished clothing and small complementary pieces here and there, the risk is diminished and the overall appearance remains classy and trendy instead of gipsy looking.

You can even place a watch in between the multitude of bracelets and combine textures and sizes to make the entire display even more appealing. It is all about creating volume and differences in materials, as the bracelets you choose to put together must not be of the same type or size, by no means. It is advisable, though, to keep a general idea that brings cohesion to the group, such as a similar color palette between the pieces or styles coming from the same place. By this we mean it will not look good to put together ethnic inspired bracelets and summer shells with expensive watches and luxury leather bracelets. No matter what you choose, place as much bracelets as possible and you are good to go!