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Are ribbons of interest to fashion designers?

Fashion is a great field and there are always new, interesting things that are appearing. Enthusiasts are bound to warn you that knowing each and every little thing connected to this world is not only difficult, but it might just be impossible. Studying trends can be tiresome at one point or another, so, if you really want to stay informed and keep up with fashion, a better strategy might be thinking a few elements you like wearing and seeing whether or not these are still in. If you choose to follow this method and you happen to appreciate bows and ribbons, it might not be such a bad idea to look up this particular topic and see what designers have to say about these elements. You might just be surprised.


The fact of the matter is that fashion is in a continuous change. You can’t expect for yesterday’s news to be the same with those belonging to tomorrow. In a split of a second trends change and designers come bearing all sorts of designs and outfits you never thought could be created. It is a known fact that ribbons were very popular in the 80’s and not just any ribbons, but those that were large and placed on the back of the dress. Those days are over and everybody is absolutely thrilled about it. Still, this should not mean that ribbons or bows are no longer fashionable, far from it. All that means is that you have to look for another way, a more fashionable and modern way of applying ribbons on various outfit. Luckily for you, this is certainly not the decision to take by yourself and you are not even obligated to do so. You can simply look at the many suggestions designers have for you. New trends seem to encourage enthusiasts to try, to experiment and not to be afraid. When applying ribbons on dresses or T-shirts or blouses, you have to make sure that these are small. No one really likes big bows, expect for wedding dress designers, but that is a completely different story. Coming back to bows and ribbons that are worn on a daily basis, there is a rule that is ought to be followed in all circumstances. You have to choose small, delicate ribbons that normally would go unnoticed. In the end, these are merely details, they are not supposed to take the spotlight.


As it was mentioned in the beginning, you are encouraged to be creative, ingenious and most importantly, show that you have style. So, instead of buying a highly expensive such clothing item, why not do something completely different? Why not apply a few such ribbons on a blouse or T-shirt you already own? Of course you might need the services of a trustworthy such provider and a good example in this regard definitely is The Ribbon Room. Here you are bound to discover all kinds of patterns and designs and styling up your wardrobe with ribbons is sure to be a fascinating experience.