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Basic items you can buy from a second hand store

It is not so complicated to dress fashionable; you only have to pay attention to some rules, and to stay in touch with the trends of the moment. The majority of people have the misconception that they have to spend high amounts of money to buy clothes if they want to be admired for their style, but the key is to know what items complement your figure, and how to mix and match them for giving the impression that you always wear something different. Sometimes a small accessory can make or break an outfit, so if you do not know how to combine different clothing articles, you should do some research. When it comes to the money you spend to create your wardrobe, you should know that some of them could be bought from second hand stores, because they list beautiful clothes at affordable prices. And if you are looking for basic elements, you would be surprised to see that the majority of them are in really good state and you pay a small sum for them. Here are some of the main articles you should buy from a second hand store.



Every woman should have at least a pair of simple blue jeans in her wardrobe, because they can help you create quick outfits, when you are in a hurry. They could be used to create an office or casual look, because the other items have the power to bring out the style. Jeans are made from a fabric, which does not get damaged in time, so you would find many pairs in a magazin haine second hand which would look similar to the ones you see in stores. There are different models of jeans you can choose from even in a second hand, and because they are so a versatile item, and everyone seems to wear them, you would definitely find your size.

White T-shirts

When you do not know what top to match to your skirt or pair of pants you simply have to take your white top from the wardrobe, and you would create a stylish outfit in no time. Depending on the style you prefer, you have the possibility to choose from different types of accessories and pairs of shoes. When it comes to white T-shirts, you would definitely find a model that you like, and if any of them features stains, you have the possibility to bleach them.


The majority of people do not consider prints as basic elements of an outfit, but it only depends on the way you choose to accessorize them. Also, the pattern of the print is important, because if you go for zebra models, you would have the possibility to wear the item with others clothes in colorful shades, but if you are opting for floral patterns, you should match them with nude tones. When it comes to prints, there are many items listed in second hand stores, because they were in trend every one of the last years, so you can only imagine how many they are.