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Celebrities and Their Passion for Plastic Surgery

The limelight can put a lot of pressure on a person, no matter how well equipped they are for constant scrutiny and critique. Hollywood is indeed a concentration of some of the most beautiful people on the planet, but in all honesty, not all of them were that beautiful to begin with. And while there is a pressure to be a role model, to be good looking and appealing, there comes another stress factor, which has to do with aging and the harsh competition from younger artists. The media never misses a chance to discuss the appearance of each celebrity, to mention whether they seem fatter, older, more tired, or if their attire just isn’t up with the trend.

We can only imagine the pressure a person can feel, even if they do look good; that is why some celebrities appeal to plastic surgery even when they don’t need it, just to augment their looks a bit more. Women usually go for breast implants, but there is also a newer trend of bottom enhancement. Even beautiful socialites like Kim Kardashian have went under the knife, and rumor has it she didn’t just have breast augmentation, but some facial reconstruction as well. If you look at some Kim Kardashian plastic surgery before and after photos, like the one below, the differences are quite noticeable. Her eyebrows and nose are more rounded than before, making her face seem lighter and sweeter.


Some older photos of her might also indicate she has some breast plastic surgery as well, but time may have been a changing factor as well. It is a bit worrying to see that something that was initially intended to benefit people with birth, accident or illness malformations, is now used to enhance and modify the looks of people who were already quite good looking. This might signal a possible problem for the future, where people won’t back down from anything in order to enhance and improve their bodies with the help of surgery, prosthesis and other foreign objects.

Celebrities have always used their money in order to enhance their looks, whether it was about a better hairstyle, professional makeup and designer clothes. But plastic surgery has taken this to a whole new level, and it can even be used to make you look like an entirely different person. Moreover, surgery is surgery, and complications sometimes arise; there are plenty examples of botched plastic surgeries, even among celebrities, and it is usually tied to excessive and multiple surgeries, and inserting too many foreign objects in the body. All in all, caution should be exercised when taking big decisions like this, and a lot of thought put into the decision process.