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Choose different Abayas for different occasions


Abayas are a basic clothing item for Muslim women, but this does not mean these clothes have to be simple and plain. Since it is such an easy to wear and comfortable piece of clothing, many women from non-Arabic countries have also decided to look for abayas on the Internet. There are many online stores providing high quality products, so all you have to do is select the right abaya for the event you have to attend or the occasion you need. Here are some useful tips you should consider.

In the winter days

It is worth mentioning that the only primary colour when it comes to traditional abayas is black. This is also the recommended colour to wear during winter days. Although weather in most Arabic countries is not as harsh and cold as it is in the Northern European countries for instance, temperature can still go below 10 degrees sometimes, which is quite cold in the opinion of Arabs. Black is known for absorbing heat and sunlight, which is why women should go for black abayas during winter.

In the summer days

Although most abayas are black, you can still find pieces of clothing in other colours as well. It is best to select a colour that compliments your skin tone and that perfectly matches with your accessories. Muted or pastel colours are some great choices for hot summer days, not only because they are more soothing to the eyes, but also because these colours reflect heat and make high temperatures more bearable.

At weddings

Weddings are the most important events in the Arabic culture and it is mandatory for everything to be just perfect. The most common materials used in the manufacturing process of abayas are cotton and wool, yet nowadays you can find such clothes made out of georgette, chiffon or crepe for instance, especially when it comes to abayas designed to be worn at important events such as weddings. Whether you are the bride or not, embroidery is an extremely important element in an abaya. Of course, brides should go for white abayas, embellished with mesmerizing embroidery designs that will make them stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, if you are a guest, wearing an abaya that comes in pastel colours and accessorizing it accordingly will make for the perfect outfit.

All things considered, these are some useful tips you should keep in mind the moment you decide to buy an abaya.