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Choose the right breast size implants

Having breast implants is a very important decision in every woman’s life, because it offers her the opportunity to change her life, by simply being more confident on the way she looks. The majority of women choose to have breast implants, because they are feeling unsecure. If you are not satisfied with the way your body looks, you have the possibility to hit the gym, and lose weight, or tone your body, but when it comes to breast size, you have no other option that having implants. In modern times, you could consider yourself a lucky lady, because there are many surgeons specialised in breast implants London, and they could help you get the look you so much longed for. If you want to have breast implants the size is the most important aspect you should decide upon. Here are some recommendations on what you should consider in order to choose the right size.

Body type

This is the first aspect you should consider when choosing the size of the implants. In case you are a minion woman with smaller breast, you have to carefully choose the size of the implants, because, even the smallest change would be noticed by the ones around you. Also, you have to be prepared to be treated different by men, because you will get more attention, and if you know that you are not the type of person who feels comfortable in this situation, you should choose a medium size implants, because they would help you maintain a natural look. Your doctor, from centre for surgery is the right person to offer you advice, on the size of implants suitable for your body type.

Body shape

You should not confuse body type with body shape, because they are different. In case you are a woman with a strong build, you would be able to wear large size implants. In case you are a lean person, you should avoid any size beyond medium, because you will definitely experience back pains. The larger the implants the heavier they would be and you have to be sure that your body conformation allows you to have a certain breast size. The same implant size looks different on different body shapes, because if on a small woman, a “C” cup looks great, on a bigger one, the implants would not even be noticeable.


It is very important to discuss this aspect with your surgeon, because according to your age it might be recommended a certain size of implants. For example, if you plan to get pregnant in the following period, you should inform your surgeon, and see if you should wait until you have a baby, and have the surgery after. Also, related to the age are the activities you are involved in, because young women are very active, and if you opt for a large implant size, you will not be able to practice a wide variety of sports. It is important to discuss with a specialist, and listen to their advice when it comes to choosing the size of the breast implants.