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Cryotherapy – great way for reshaping your body

You are out of ideas what else can you try for reshaping your body other than the traditional diets and gym? An option for you would be cryotherapy. This procedure isn’t extremely popular because it’s quite new and innovative. What does it consist of? Cryotherapy is a therapeutic method which can be used both for treating benign or malign lesions and for cosmetic effects. You can find such services as Cryo21 at many beauty and treatment centres.  Cryogenic agents are used for obtaining extreme negative temperatures (liquid azote, for instance) which, once exposed to the human body, can result in treating neuralgias, traumas or great beautifying effects. Here are some of the main benefits of cryotherapy:


Once you go through with the cryotherapy process you will feel instantly better. Cryoterapi makes your body release endorphins in the blood, which lead to a well-being state for the next 6 to 8 hours after the procedure. Most people who tried cryotherapy sustained they slept much better after a session. Cryotherapy can be used as a simple method for relaxation which will still have the physical benefits promised. It’s a win-win situation and you should try it at least once in a lifetime. Once you’ll do that you will be amazed with the results and you’ll want to keep going.

Body benefits

  • Losing weight – if you are worried you’ll not get in shape fast enough for this summer, this is your best option; cryotherapy helps losing weight with the help of cold temperatures; in only 30 minutes per session you’ll lose 2-5 cm, right after the first treatment you are attending; after 4 to 6 sessions you’ll see amazing differences such as 12 cm down around your waist; doesn’t it sound convenient?
  • Skin – cold therapy can have a great impact upon your skin; cryotherapy represents an innovative way for anti-aging purposes such as reducing wrinkles, fine lines or blemishes; the negative temperature stimulates the production of collagen in the deep layers of skin which will eventually result in a youthful look
  • Headaches – if you suffer from extreme, constant headaches and you tried everything you could to stop them, it is the moment to try cryotherapy; it has optimal effects for neuralgias because of the temperature applied locally; a serious percent of the ones trying this method for making headaches go away were satisfied with the results


Given the fact cryotherapy provides so many benefits you will want to try it more often. That means you’ll need to inform yourself about how many treatments per year you are able to practice. Usually, it is recommended to attend 10 to 20 procedures for persistent results. Although, you should always keep in mind the advice your doctor gives. You will see the results after 3-4 sessions, even after the very first one, but abusive attending of such method is not beneficial in any way. Make sure you plan the procedure sessions and keep track of the effects it has on your body.