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Customised T-shirt – one item 3 ways of wearing

Many women think that they need a lot of clothes to design a new outfit every day, but the fact is that they have to be creative and mix and match the same items in different ways. It is true that some items are suited to be worn at the office, and some when going out in town, but some of them if are accessorised in a correct way, can be very suited for many occasions. Custom tee shirts are universal items that can be used to create different outfits, for different occasions, and all depends on the creativity of the person. If you want to impress with your look, but you do not want to invest a lot of money in clothes, read this article to see how you can wear a customised T-shirt in three different ways.

Office outfit

The key to wear the same T-shirt in different occasions is to be follow some tips when you purchase it. Therefore, the perfect item is a white one, with a quote or a black simple design on it. When you have a white top, you will find every day a new way to combine it with other items. So, when you have to dress for going to the office, you can wear your favourite T-Shirt. You can accessorise it with a pair of black trousers and a black or nude jacket. Also, you can wear it with a midi pencil skirt. You can match at this look a pair of nude flats, or if you want to impress your co-workers, you can wear a pair of red heels.

Walk in the park

When you walk in the park with your dog, you want to be sure that you feel comfortable enough to play with him. So you can wear your T-shirt, with a pair of jeans or shorts. If you want to add a pop of colour, you can match the top with coloured skinny jeans, which are a must this season. Because you have to be free to move around, you should accessorise the whole look with a pair of sneakers. If it is chill outside, you can wear a blouse or jacket to keep you warm, and add a stylish touch to your look with a printed scarf.

Girls’ night out

When you want to go out in the night, and you want to dress fancy, but not too elegant, you can wear your white customised T-Shirt, and a glitter skirt. In addition, you can match it with a pair of high-waist jeans, which are perfect for giving you a sexy look, perfect for a party. If you wear a T-Shirt does not mean that you cannot wear heels, you can choose a pair of shoes that complement the whole look, and which allow you to feel comfortable. You can match the look with a leather jacket if it is cold outside, or if you are going to a rock concert. As you can see, you can wear your printed T-Shirt, as many times as you want, so feel free to match and mix.