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Designer wedding suits: ideas worth considering


If you are planning to get married this year, you might want to take a close look at what fashion has in store for you. It is interesting to notice that trends in men fashion are not asleep. They are alive and kicking. Whether you are planning to buy the outfit or thinking about wedding suits for hire, looking up the latest trends on the fashion radar is definitely something worth doing. Discover what designers have to say on the topic and it might be easier for you to decide which suit to choose.

Giorgio Armani and his love for prints

Armani, a name that makes the world of fashion go round has not failed the public this year. It is his mission to come year and year and surprise fashion lovers through his incredible taste and designs. Wedding suits are one of this designer’s great concerns and his suggestion for the 2017 is the variety of prints. Of course one must not imagine that these prints are flashy. They are discreet, but noticeable. Apparently, it is the 3D effect he appreciates the most when it comes to texture and fabric. So, when you are out there searching for that perfect suit remember this trend and see if you can find something close it.

Tom Ford and glamour

If there is one designer that knows glamour when it comes to men fashion, then that would certainly have to be Tom Ford. This designer knows exactly what he is doing and he is doing it just right. Tom Ford doesn’t like to go far from his comfort zone and that is good news. If you like the dandy, British glamour style, then you are in the right trend. Take a look at Tom Ford’s collection for this year and you will notice velvet and the ever present, white lapel. Also, don’t say no to the classic, ultra elegant tuxedo. This suit seems to be making a real comeback.

Valentino and his floral influences

Valentino is best known for his jungle, safari dresses, but one must not consider this designer limited in view. Simply by looking at wedding suits for men, coming from Valentino, you might notice a playful style. In one collection, you could notice the elegant, dandy look, together with floral patterns, coming in soft colours such as light pink or blue. If you are brave enough to listen to Valentino, you might want to consider a wedding suit in a light colour for your future event.