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Face contouring mistakes you need to correct 

With all the beauty vloggers you can find nowadays on the internet, many women have been influenced into trying out different type of make-up looks and various techniques. You probably desire to have a glamorous appearance, especially for the special events in your life, and the makeup looks you opt for play an important role for your overall appearance. You have probably heard about the famous face contouring technique, which gives you the chance to enhance your features in an aesthetically pleasant way, but you need to understand that it takes time and practice to obtain the results you desire. There are a few face contouring mistakes that many women tend to do, which led to an unappealing makeup look. If you want to have that flawless, porcelain and sculpted face you see in those videos on the internet, then there are a few things you need to correct in your routine.

Incorrect placement

One mistakes many women tend to do is using the dark contouring shade one the cheekbones, as a blush. Even when you are contouring your face, you still need to use blush, even if just a little. Take the time necessary to identify your high points and hallows. The darker contouring shade always goes in the hallows, under your cheekbones, and the highlighter on the high points of your face, such as the tip of your nose, above your upper lip and on the cheekbones. Practice is key, so try to analyses your features and keep on practicing the technique until you get it right. Placement is very important, if you do not want your face to seem like it has odd features.

Blending is key

When it comes to contouring, blend, blend, blend! Using a foundation brush or a beauty blender, you need to blend the lines until your entire face looks even. Leaving any harsh lines will only look unaesthetic, which is something your probably do not desire.

Using the wrong makeup tools

The brushes and sponges you use are crucial for the overall results. You need to use a tool that will give you control over the face area where you will be applying the product. To avoid a patchy or a muddy application, use a brush that is not too small nor too large for your face.

Face contouring – suitable for photographs and evening looks only

Even if you might desire to have a sculpted face and enhanced cheekbones all day, every day, you need to understand that face contouring is not wearable during the day. Using this technique for your daily makeup look is a mistake you should avoid. If this technique is a great choice for photographs or for intense evening looks, try to avoid using it during daylight.

If you desire to always have a flawless appearance, then learning how to apply makeup the proper way is a must. Face contouring is a relatively new technique, and it take some time to learn how to do it correctly. Avoid these few mistakes, and you will obtain the perfect look you desire.