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Girl Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Celebrities

It’s known that celebrities become a role model for many people around the world and that fans love copy the style and appearance of their favorite star. This also happens on the most entertaining festivity of the year, Halloween, when people dress up in various costumes and take advantage of the situation to become someone they can not be in real life. Many people choose to wear costumes and impersonate their favorite celebrity and in the article bellow you will discover the celebrities who most inspire people in choosing their Halloween costume.

Kim Kardashian

The reality show star has become famous worldwide and everything she does gets on the first page, so no wonder many women decide to be Kim Kardashian on Halloween. Her daily outfits set the trends in fashion and people copy her looks on Halloween, whether we are talking about one of her red carpet appearances or an outfit on the cover of a magazine. Kim Kardashian has also created a trend when she decided to dress like a blonde mermaid on a Halloween party and since then many people have copied her look. With a blonde wig, a long red sequin skirt and a bra with two large shells on it, you too can imitate Kim Kardashian’s Halloween costume.

Victoria Beckham

If you have a pair of oversized shades and a pencil dress, you can easily become the stylish Victoria Beckham on Halloween. The style icon celebrity is famous for her glamorous appearances and the straight body posture, so you will have to work on that too. Opt for sky-high heels and don’t forget about the bag Victoria always carries on her arm.

Lady Gaga

Many of Lady Gaga’s outfits can make for incredibly funny girl Halloween costume ideas. The raw meat outfit that Lady Gaga wore became especially popular for Halloween, especially because it makes you think of the human anatomy, flesh, and blood. All you have to do to obtain this look is to head to the meat aisle and buy some bacon that you will apply on a dress and on your shoes. Invest in a white wig and don’t forget to decorate it with a piece of meat and you are ready to scare some people on Halloween.


A fiery red wig is what you first need for a Rihanna outfit and the rest will come floating. When it comes to clothes, you have to think bold and to combine sexy items that will make you look like a diva. A short top accessorized with plenty of golden necklaces, a pair of incredibly short jeans, some neon socks and a pair of high-heeled sandals and you are ready to go.