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Grow and cut your hair for a good cause

We live in a world that puts so much emphasis on beauty that it eventually becomes meaningless and cheap. Today we are not going to talk about hair color ideas for redheads or hairstyles for blonde hair. Today we are going to talk about one women’s solidarity and how each woman can make her trip to a saloon more meaningful. In an attempt to raise awareness with regards to the difficulties women suffering from cancer have to go through, many female celebrities have chopped their long and beautiful hair and donated it for a noble purpose. Growing your hair and cutting it afterwards becomes meaningful, if the goal is helping less fortunate women gain access to wigs made from beautiful natural hair. And don’t worry if you have a big event planned, short hairstyles for prom or weddings are in this year. Social media manager Cannon Hodge from Bergdorf Goodman has recently shortened her breath taking long hair into a below the chin cut after she found out her childhood friend Caroline Brown was diagnosed with cancer. She wanted to help her best friend regain her confidence as a woman and create a wig entirely out of her own hair. In order to make this endeavor happen, she needed to grow her hair first, because wigs require in general twenty ponytail donations of at least seven inches long. Even though her donation was not enough to make up a full hairpiece, Caroline has gone to great lengths to ensure her hair is fit for donating.

Those interested in growing and donating their hair for a good cause must pay attention to several important aspects to be able to fulfill that wish. Prior to cutting their hair, they need to take good care of the way in which they treat it to ensure it will be healthy when the time to cut it comes. So if you want to make a difference in the life of a cancer patient, you should postpone your search for hair color ideas for redheads or the best blonde hair shades. Specialists recommend no chemicals treatments to be used and absolutely no coloring. More than that, heat styling and elastic bands should be avoided as much as possible to ensure the future donors grow a perfect hair for high quality wigs. It takes approximately eleven months before one can donate again, because the length of the hair has to be substantial. Many people, including Caroline have donated their long hair in an attempt to bring some hope in the lives of women having to say goodbye to their beautiful natural hair forever and in one sense to give up the strongest symbol of their femininity in order to undergo cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is a terrible experience to go through, so even the smallest gesture and support you can give such as donating your own hair for their benefit can mean the world for women suffering from cancer.

It is important for women to feel beautiful to manage standing strong and confident. In order to overcome cancer women need all the support they can get. A simple gesture such as donating your hair can help a woman struggling with this terrible disease stay strong. In fact, nothing can lift a woman’s spirits better than looking great. Nevertheless, the new trend celebrities set of cutting their hair short and donate it for a good cause works well this autumn, because short hair is fashionable and sexy. Moreover, short hairstyles for prom or parties go well with any dress and you can easily style it without making an appointment with your stylist. You can not only look cooler by cutting your hair short, but you can also make it count by contributing to this noble movement and this is not only a beautiful gesture of solidarity, but also a great method of raising awareness.