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Handmade Women Jewellery Items You Can Diy Yourself

Jewellery is something that is loved by every woman around each corner of the world. Everyone would love to wear amazing and latest jewellery in the most average rate possible. DIY jewellery is the most effective option to choose when talking about the most amazing jewellery items at the lowest prices. Now handmade jewellery has actually stepped up the game. This creative kind of jewellery looks more attractive than the other.

You can also take part in this next level game and can make yourself able to wear creatively created jewellery easily. For this reason, I am providing you here with the easiest and simplest DIY methods that would make you able to make your own handmade Jewellery items. Personalised wedding ribbon can also be made by some women while working on it.

Try out Making Earrings from the Painted bobby pins:

You can simply try out making some amazing kind of earrings through using bobby pins. Just take some simple bobby pins and paint them in the most creative way possible. You can also use the leftover nail polish for this purpose. Then tie them up in the form of earrings. They will give the look of most attractive DIY earrings ever.

A pretty bracelet made up from chevron:

You can simply make a very creative bracelet by using two simple things. Get some hexagonal nuts from the hardware store near you. Use a string and put the chevrons in it. You can also make a simple braid from the string and keep on putting those hexagonal nuts in it. Then put that string around your wrist and your bracelet is ready.

Why not make a necklace from polymer clay beads?
This polymer clay comes in a variety of colours. It can be easily moulded into different shapes and can be baked to make it rigid. Just make few beads from this polymer clay and mould them into the shape of a necklace. It will definitely give a very attractive look to your neckwear.

Make a ring by wrapping a wire around a Piece of Rock

Just imagine how creative will a ring look? When it will be wrapped by a wire around the stone or a rock. Simply take a small irregular shaped piece of Rock and rap a wire around it. You can also spray different colours to make it look more attractive and real. Wearing this kind of ring in your finger will definitely catch many eyes around.

Try painting of leather and make different accessories from it:

The leather is itself an attractive material. You can paint out different geometrical shapes of leather and can mould them into different kinds of accessories. You may make painted triangle earrings from leather or can also make some knotted bracelets from it.
You must give this handmade DIY Jewellery a try. It will definitely make you able to save a lot of money. And will provide you with some amazing and creative jewellery that will make many heads turn around.