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How culture influences fashion

Fashion is such an interesting domain. It is made up of these bits and pieces, which are absolutely enchanting and make such lovely additions to the closet of any women. However, women have the tendency to take fashion for granted, sometimes diminishing its importance.  One must admit that clothing is a very personal matter and by extension so should fashion. Designers need to look left and right to find inspiration. That is simple to imagine. But can one say that culture actually influences fashion. Is culture really that strong? It would appear so. Fashion is influenced by culture and in a great amount. Here are a few pieces of evidence that will sustain this idea.


The Abaya: true fashion statement


The Abaya comes to represent the Muslim influence in fashion. The modern society has been fundamentally changed by this cultural influence. That much is true.  Everyone is aware of the influence this culture has had on the world and fashion could not have resisted the trend. It just so happens that women in a great number have found various ways to include the Abaya in their fashion style. Plus, Muslim women have begun to change this traditional outfit, making it even more fashionable. Adding a bit of accessories, symbols to it, the Abaya becomes a lovely, elegant interesting outfit women have started feeling comfortable in.


The Kimono: calm and relaxation


Fashion has certainly been eager to incorporate Japanese and Chinese influences, because these two cultures are interesting, mystic and give a real sense of relaxation. The Japanese kimono is one of the strongest representatives of a cultural influence in fashion. The Kimono is proudly worn both in the house and outside it. Some are even incredible elegant that become event outfits, highly appreciated ones for that matter.


Saree : the Indian mark


India has made a great difference in the world constantly bringing forward incredible pieces of information about the beauty and complexity of being a spiritual individual. India has open the third eye, that of the soul and with it fashion has awaken as well. Women proudly wear saree, as these pieces of clothing are elegant, relaxing, with a beautiful and colourful design.


Fashion is open to influences and things are not going to change in the future. Designers are open to influences, open to culture and to the idea of being different. On the catwalk, cultures are no longer that different. They are all just as beautiful.