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How to update a little black dress

More than any other piece of clothing, the little black dress is the essential one, namely the one that will take you anywhere.  The classic attire was introduced by Coco Channel in the 1920s, the one who made is ubiquitous. While she did not invent the concept, it was not until 1926 that the little black dress was identified as the shape of the future when the American Vogue published a drawing of Channel’s design. Its silhouette has changed over the years, but the black short dress remains ultimately chic. Nonetheless, in a world where many women are relaying on this gown to beautify their wardrobe and make them look stylish, it is hard to stand out among others. In what follows you have some suggestions for updating your frock so as to stand out from the crowd.

Accessorise with tights

He first thing that you should do is add a pair of pantyhose. Pantyhose evens your skin tone on your legs and will provide you with the finishing touch that you need. A pair of patterned hosiery is virtually inexpensive and will add visual interest to your LBD. For evening wear, sheer ebony or grey tinted pantyhose are a good choice, but coloured tight also work with the black dress as long as the colour matches the other accessories that you have and is right for your age.

Go all black

All black looks super chic and this is the reason why head-to-toe black is preferred by fashion insiders, editors, buyer and of course models. You can incorporate a hint of feminine lace at the neckline, leave plenty of skin visible and add a sheer midnight hose, which is actually more appealing than tights. If you want a definite dose of softness, you should leave your hair wavy.

Wear a collar or necklace

Although you can find many dresses that feature a collar, you should not be afraid to add an embellished detachable collar to any of the gowns you have in your closet. If you are not fond of collars, then you should accessorise with a statement necklace. The addition of an eye-catching bauble will give your attire a new lease on life. A little bit of sparkle is perfect for evening wear, so if you are in the possession of diamond necklaces, let the diamonds shine their best.

Wear the right shoes

Dressing up the little black dress with shoes is the most important part of the look because the shoes can provide contrasting colour. It cannot be stated enough that the shoes you are going to wear with the attire should be of the very best quality. Classic evening shoes that you can wear are ballet slipper flats, single-strap sandals and pumps. With regard to the colour, you should wear nude since this colour will elongate your legs and make them seem miles long.

Last but not will, if you have a not so impressive gown in your closet, you can update the look with a colourful coat that will take the attention away from the frock.