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How to use salon booking software

The existence of salon software is not a secret for business owners who try to stay ahead of the competition by incorporating technology into their daily operations. There are numerous options that you can choose from, depending on your needs and budget: simple and minimal software for small salons with few clients, or complex, feature-packed apps for salons that welcome hundreds of clients every day. introduces a flexible hair salon app that offers benefits for both types of clients. However, simply purchasing and installing such an app is not enough to trigger business growth. For best results, you have to know all its features and understand how and when to use it. Here are some introductory tips and tricks on how to use a hair salon app.


Learn how to schedule appointments


This feature is often the primary reason why salon owners choose to invest in specialized apps. Daily appointments can be difficult to keep track of, especially when your client base is expanding or when the salon is understaffed. Forgetting about a client is simply not acceptable, which is why you need to input all your appointments into the app and then you can stop worrying about them. No more personal notebooks with scribbled phone numbers and illegible writing. All your appointments are neatly organized in one place, so that you can have a clear overview of the day or week ahead. Usually, completed, current and upcoming events are color coded, so you can know exactly how busy you are just by looking at the calendar.


Create client profiles


The salon industry heavily relies on client relations and the most successful establishments in this business take pride in their high rate of returning clients. Knowing your clients is the first step towards keeping them loyal, which is why you should use salon software to create up-to-date profiles. These should include basic information about themselves, such as name, phone number, home address and email. This way, you can reach them to communicate things about their appointment or any special offers you have going. An additional benefit of using this feature is that client status is also color coded, so you can see which clients have been inactive for a long time and reengage with them.


Keep track of your inventory


A salon is as successful as the products it uses. Things like shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, hair dye and hair styling tools are essential for a functioning salon and you cannot afford to run out of them in the middle of a busy working day. Fortunately, you can use salon software to keep track of all the products in stock and estimate how long it will be until you run out. Low stock products are usually in red, so you’ll know you need to repurchase soon. An additional benefit of using this feature is that you will know which products are used very often (and thus you should invest more into) and which are hardly ever touched (and thus should be removed or replaced with something else).