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Innovative and extreme high heel shoes

Innovative shoes are the top trend on catwalks all around the world. Their intricate and elaborate designs, that seem almost gravity defying, make you wonder how it would be to step in such a work of art. Considered to bring the wow factor in any outfit and amaze passers-by with their authenticity, extreme high heels and creative shoe designs are a must have piece this season.

Throughout history, high heel shoes have been a symbol for gender and female elegance. A diplomatic remainder of sexuality, the wonderful stiletto looks good on any woman and enhances both the appearance and the body posture. A woman stepping gracefully with a pair of heels is a sight for sour eyes all over the globe. But with modern times changing fast and fashion trends adapting by the season, the classic stiletto has to undergo some changes of its own. As traditional, clear cut lines and slim looking heels will always remain appropriate for an office workspace, the same thing cannot be said about the after-hours activities and nighttime events. According to various fashion blogs, all women should have at least one pair of extreme high heel shoes. If you really want to stand out, innovative shoes are the thing to choose.

qute high heels

The creative feel that they bring comes from special materials inserted on and into the shoe composition that lead to the creation of intricate shapes and eye-catching designs. Another artistic manner of creating shoes is using carving techniques close to those adopted by architects and sculptors. Gaudi inspired shapes and cubist heels are a wonder for the eyes. Is seems as though art has transcended from the stiff, gallery world to our everyday lives, in the form of wonderfully unique and artistic shoes. Contemporary singers, as well as actors and showbiz icons are all scrambling to be the first ones that acquire one of a kind and extravagant shoes for their performances and red carpet appearances.

butterfly high heels

The structural feel of innovative shoes and their weirdly shaped heels is essential to the rise of this trend. Shoes are no longer an eye stopping sight when seen from the front, but rather a mind boggling image when observed from the back side. This gives a new meaning to the phrase “to turn heads around”, as people literally keep looking at these awesome creations long after they have passed. Additions of ingenious elements, like feathers or spikes, make the overall look of the shoe even more extreme and exciting.


Today’s versions of high heel shoes are worn almost entirely as a fashion statement, regardless of age or social class. We dare to say that there is no woman, or aspiring lady, out there that does not own at least one pair of stilettos, even if there are just a couple of inches high. This is a timeless piece of accessory, truly definitive of the female nature and complexly elaborated on by modern day designers and their creative, artistic approach. Some high heel shoes are so exquisite that they can even be considered works of art. If you too are passionate about gorgeous shoes, you should subscribe to some fashion blogs in order to keep in touch with the latest trends. However, you shouldn’t limit your style to the current trends. Fashion is a form of art and art is all about free expression. Therefore, feel free to wear a sophisticated pair of high heels, even if you are just taking a stroll in the park.