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Let’s talk about accessories!

The accessories are not just some things you buy in order to complete your outfit. They are more than that. They offer people valuable information about your mood, your personality or even your economic statute. Maybe, they are your favourite talking subject too. This is the reason why you should always choose them wisely. This is the reason why we made a list with some tips and tricks in order to avoid mistakes. Here they are.



Tips and tricks regarding accessories


Go British! People from UK are not famous only for their five o’clock tea, but also for their fashion industry. If you make a small research on the internet, using the words, you should not be surprised that you to find a lot of websites that will immediately catch your attention. Also, because of the rainy weather from this country, fashion accessories UK providers have a great variety of umbrellas. The umbrella can be regarded as a very interesting accessory, if you match it with an overcoat and a hat. It can make you look like a lady. The same advice is good for gentlemen too.


Put a ring on it! It is not just a part of a Beyonce’s song, but also a real trend. Nowadays, the fashion advisers recommend wearing as much rings as you can on your fingers.


Make your own accessories! Using handmade techniques, you can use your imagination and create your own accessories, such as bracelets, ear rings and necklaces. As materials, you can use polymeric paste (it is also called Fimo) or you can crochet your bracelets. But do not forget to use beads!


Warm accessories are on! They are by far some of the most useful things because they can keep your warm. So, do not hesitate to wear gloves, scarfs and even capes. These accessories never go out of fashion and they are the stars of the autumn season.


Buy as much hats as you can! Hats are always a good idea to help you get rid of the ordinary look. But wearing hats means following the same rules as in the case of wearing glasses: they have to match with your face.


Wear a watch. It will make look professional and plus, you will know exactly what time is, without checking your mobile phone.


Forget about these out of fashion accessories!


  • There is not a good idea to invest in accessories that are too big, especially if you are a short person. You can opt for L (large) accessories, but forget about the XL ones.
  • Say goodbye to large hats. Even if large hats are Pharrel Williams’s favourite accessories, you should avoid them. They were once fashionable, but now they are not considered a good idea anymore because they make your head look smaller than it is.
  • Forget about small bags such as clutch. They are very inconvenient because of their small size. You can barely put your phone inside. The clutch bags are a good idea only for elegant events, such as a party, when you do not need to carry a lot of things with you.