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Mihai Albu – a new entry in the world of shoes


When you say shoes, you say passion, detail and most importantly, women. Indeed women are crazy about this item and they love designers who take a great interest in this fashion sector. Whether they are looking for business shoes or stunning, impressive pieces, women do have where to choose from. Names like Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin or Cesare Paciotti went global and recently, a new brand has started to make its way in the world of fashion. Mihai Albu, a Romanian designer, managed to cross over borders and enter the international market! With innovating designs, high quality materials and sophisticated details, Mihai Albu has definitely made a statement!

Romania shoes

Mihai Albu was recognized as a true fashion designer with a great potential only in 2012, when he was included in a dedicated encyclopedia together with other important names in this domain like McQueen or Louboutin. The Romanian designer is the first in his country to have such impressive results on the specialized market! If you are wondering what made critics regard Mihai Albu as a force to be reckoned, then the appropriate answer would surely be style. So far women were accustomed to see shoes as accessories, as a means to enhance an outfit. Discovering Mihai Albu meant discovering a new perspective upon fashion. Through his designs, shoes became the star of the outfit and not the other way round. In his country, Mihai Albu was a highly appreciated designer and his shoes are considered the perfect gift for moms, many women of all ages seeking his collections. What sets this designer apart from others and what, in the end, shaped his personal style was the need for details. Large, small, black, white or colorful, made from wood or metal, details are an essential part of any pair of shoes signed by Mihai Albu! Always high heels, nothing less than 10cm, this designer knows exactly how to create shoes that complement the wearer. Still, analyzing Mihai Albu’s style, you can easily tell that fantasy and a good eye for architectural shapes are the two reasons for which his designs have crossed over borders.


Mihai- Albu- shoesThere are several pieces coming from the Mihai Albu brand that have impressed fashion critics in different parts of the world. For instance, the two heel shoes, bearing one of them on the top had the necessary impact to make the name Mihai Albu heard. Even though the shoes created by this Romanian designer are not very versatile, they are surely spectacular and would make the perfect gift for your mom. No wonder they managed to outshine the outfit almost every time. Mihai Albu has been called the Shoe Architect for quite a number of times in the international press and his designs stand as proof of the veracity of this title. This designer has certainly created a brand that is based on beauty, sophistication and exuberance. Mihai Albu’s designs speak more of the reasons for which women are so in love with shoes. Fantasy, power, a bizarre beauty, detail, this is how women would describe the perfect pair of shoes. Looking at the designs created by the Romanian artists, anyone can easily perceive how close his shoes are from what women actually want!