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Pink is the new black – how to wear pink outfits

Being up to date with the latest fashion trends is a must for every woman, but knowing the “rules” of wearing different types of outfits properly in order to avoid looking unfashionable might be quite challenging for some. Clothes of certain colors need more attention because if you decide to wear them and do not know how to match them with the other outfit pieces, you might end up looking like a clown. This also counts for a House of Holland skirt that comes in pink for instance or for any other pink clothing items. Here are some useful fashion tips to keep in mind when wearing clothes that come in this color.

Choose the right shade of pink

There are different shades of pink from which you can choose, and each of them can be worn at different occasions. If you want to have a more sophisticated look and truly want to make a statement with it, you should opt for shades that are more muted, whereas for a more subtle look, shades such as azalea, peach, dusty rose or blush for instance would be a better choice.

Leather clothes can add a different touch

Fashion experts agree to the fact that adding a leather clothing item to your outfit brings that unique touch that makes you look amazing. Matching a pink blouse with a leather pencil skirt makes the perfect outfit for the office, not to mention that matching a pink lace minidress with a leather jacket brings that grown-up look that makes everyone turn around.

Combine pink with other colors

If you do not want to look like the Pink Panther, you should definitely avoid wearing only pink outfit items, but rather combine the pink ones with others of different colors. One great method is to combine the pink item with some navy, black or beige clothes in order to give that extra professional tone you need.

Pink as an accent color

Another way to wear pink is to use it as an accent color instead of the main one, which means that you can use those pink items to complete your trendy outfit. You can wear a yellow minidress and accessorize it with a pink belt and statement necklace for example, thus complementing the other shades of your outfit. A coral scarf would be the perfect accessory to wear on a chillier day when going to work.

Look for quality clothes

It is highly important to buy only high quality clothes even though this might mean to spend some extra money on them, because this way you can be sure your clothes will not fade after the first wash and would not start looking “cheap” after several washes. Do some research on the internet and look for online clothing stores that provide some great House of Holland sale discounts and benefit from the best offers.

As you can see, these are some great fashion tips that are meant to help you understand the secrets of wearing pink clothes.