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Ribbons – or how to have more accessories without spending too much

Ask any woman and she will tell you that she never has enough clothes, shoes and accessories. When it comes to accessories, it is true that there is wide selection from which you can choose the pieces you like the most, but it is also true that some of them are quite expensive and spending money on accessories every month may not be quite a good idea. Instead, you can make your own accessories with ribbons from The Ribbon Room if you want and here are some very good examples.


Create some beautiful hair bows

One of the most common ways in which ribbons are used for creating accessories is in hair bows. This project is neither too complicated, nor too expensive to engage in, not to mention that you can also have your children help you with it, thus spending some quality time together and creating beautiful hair accessories at the same time. Look for some tutorials on the Internet in case you think you need some guidance throughout the project, since there are numerous examples there where you can find your inspiration.

Bow ties made out of ribbons are the new trend

Another very popular way in which people use ribbons to design accessories is in bow ties. It is commonly known that nowadays both men and women wear bow ties, compared to several decades ago, when only men were allowed to do so. This is the reason why so many colourful, eye-catching and interesting bow ties have appeared on the market over the past years. However, instead spending money on those ones, why not create them yourself? This way you can be sure they are unique, not to mention that they are also cost-effective. Order some ribbons from a professional and reliable online provider and start the project as soon as possible.

How about replacing your watchstrap with ribbon?

Probably the easiest thing you can do with ribbons in order to bring a different touch to your collection of accessories is to replace the old and worn-out strap from your watch with some grosgrain ribbon. Whether you opt for polka dot or for ribbons with special messages written on them, such as “Merry Christmas!”, it is for sure that your watch will be more interesting and everyone will appreciate it.

Overall, these are only a few examples of projects you can engage in to create or redesign some beautiful accessories out of ribbons.