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Show trends for 2016

It does not matter in what corner of the world you are living, the fashion trends are the same everywhere. After seeing the fashion runways from New York, Paris and Millan, it is easy to state what new trends are raising this year, in terms of clothes and shoes. It is not difficult for you to find out what the designers suggest for clothes, because you only have to look at some of the pictures from the fashion shows, and you can update the items you see there according to your own style. However, when trying to see what shoes you should wear, it might be complicated, because some of the women’s shoes are not suitable for being worn in your daily life. In this article, you will find the trend in terms of shoes for 2016.

Cowboy boots influences

You should not think that you have to wear exactly a pair of boots you have seen in the last cowboy movies, because those times are long gone. You should interpret the trend, and buy items that features some influences on this style. You can choose basic models, or decorated ones, according to your wardrobe and needs. Some of the models presents by designer are suited for being worn with dresses and leather jackets, so feel free to combine clothes and shoes this year.

Ethnic influences

Ethnic is a trend in both clothing and shoes this year. Designers inspired from the many cultures and re-elaborated the traditional elements in a modern way. It looks like nowadays the style is to mix accessories and clothes from different cultures. Therefore, for the summer, you can match your jeans with Moroccan slippers, or if you want something more elegant, you can opt for a pair of sandals inspired from the ones made by artisans. If you plan to spend your holiday in a foreign country, you should keep some free room in your luggage for buying some new pairs of shoes.

Sneakers inspiration

The sneakers were always a must for every woman, because nothing is like the feeling of wearing something flat in the weekend after you had to wear high heels all the week. This year you can wear the classic sneakers or choose the customised models that have been suggested by designers. You can opt for a silver pair, without laces, which can be worn with both jeans and dresses. Wear whatever pair of shoes suits your needs and fits your style.