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Skin Tag Removal Solutions: Surgical Procedures Vs. Creams

Skin tags are probably the most difficult to treat skin imperfections. They are also very troublesome, especially the ones on the face and on the neck. Men often nick their face and neck tags while shaving. This can be very dangerous as you can get an infection or end up with the scar. Women can also nick their neck skin tags with necklaces. Given the inconveniences that they cause and their unpleasant aspect, if you have skin tags, you must do everything in your power in order to get rid of them. Here are the alternatives:

Surgical procedures for skin tag removal

There are three major ways in which you can surgically remove a skin tag. You can cut it, cauterize it or freeze it. All three procedures have similar pros and cons. Since these procedures are considered to be cosmetic surgeries, they are not covered by most health insurance. Since they can be a bit expensive, people prefer to try other alternatives before resorting to these procedures. Moreover, all three procedures require a recovery period, which can be slightly painful and there is always the risk of remaining with a scar. The scars are small but they can take even years to completely fade away.

Skin tags removal creams

When it comes to skin tags removal creams, people usually expect miracle results. We can only blame advertisements for these high expectations. Nevertheless, just because a cream doesn’t produce fast results, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Most of these creams have a very mild action in order not to damage the skin around the tag and in order not to leave scars behind. Skin tag removal creams are a lot cheaper than skin tag surgeries. There are various such products on the market and you must be very careful when choosing one. Look only for FDA-approved creams, avoid creams that promise miracle overnight results and read reviews of every treatment that you plan on buying. Moreover, be consistent with the treatment. If it needs to be applied several times a day, do so if you want to see results.


Given the facts presented above, we think that skin tag removal creams are a safer and more convenient alternative. If you are willing to wait a few months, they are worth trying. Don’t get fooled by the fact that surgeries promise overnight results; it still takes a few months for the skin to heal completely.