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Style icon: Marion Cotillard

At age the of 38, Marion Cotillard, is one of the most accomplished actresses, having won some awards that artists of her generation can only dream of. But apart from being a talented and chameleonic performer, Marion is also one of the most stylish Hollywood actresses, her red carpet appearances inspiring women all over the world. Her unique style is a mixture of femininity and avant-gardism, which makes fashion houses such as Dior choose her their image. You’ve seen her in the pages of glossy magazines, in movies and on the red carpet; now it’s time to discover Marion’s signature look and the secret to her flawless, flattering style.

Colorful outfits

The fact that Marion Cotillard doesn’t show her age isn’t only due to her healthy lifestyle and carefully chosen skincare routine, but also due to her inspired colorful outfits that give her a young, fresh air. She loves bold, bright colors like red and yellow, but she tones down their impact by matching them with neutral accessories and classic hairdos. If you want to look amazing while wearing the same bright color tones, don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment. Remember, however, to opt for neutral make-up and try to wear only one colorful item, so as not to overdo it. Marion may not always make it to the celebrity fashion news, but that’s because most times she prefers to be elegant and discreet, unlike other celebrities that use red carpet events to draw all attention on them with skimpy or outrageous outfits.

Statement dresses

marion cotillard dress

There’s a fine line between statement outfits and silly outfits and Marion Cotillard knows exactly where that line is when picking her red carpet dresses. She’s mostly known for her statement dresses with ample waves and floral prints. The Hollywood actress is not afraid to experiment, but she always picks incredibly feminine dresses that flatter her waistline, no matter if they’re very extravagant or avant-garde. You can re-create Marion’s style by wearing statement pieces, but again, remember that the outfit is perfected by hair & accessories. To get that intriguing mixture between edginess and refinement, wear statement dresses with minimal make-up and classic hairdos. One of Marion’s signature looks is the combination between two different prints. While most women refrain from doing this for fear that they might look messy, Marion creates a harmony between the two prints by matching the color of the shoes with the lipstick or the color of the necklace with the purse.

The minimal look

marion cotillard coat

Marion Cotillard is the perfect example to show that women can look extremely sexy and feminine while wearing androgynous outfits. The French actress loves to pair up a black or white trench-coat with a wide belt and edgy shoes to add a splash of color and make an alluring appearance on the red carpet. This is probably one of the easiest looks to recreate, because you can’t go wrong with classic items and there’s no risk to go wrong and look silly. As you can see, Cotillard likes to adopt retro and vintage styles adapted to current trends; we think she looks fabulous like that, and you too can emulate her style. You can visit a vintage fashion blog and see what elements of clothing, hairstyle, makeup or accessories you can wear with today’s fashion and create your own style, inspired by pin-up fashion or something of the kind. Moreover, a vintage fashion blog can also serve as avenue for the retailing of vintage clothes and accessories, so you get to have access to the elements that you need.

Delicate, feminine dresses

No matter how gorgeous she looks in androgynous and avant-garde outfits, Marion Cotillard remains loyal to the delicate feminine style that brought her into the attention of large fashion houses. Whether it’s through embroidery dresses, floral prints or sophisticated cuts, the French actress loves to emphasize her delicacy and feminine side. To get this elegant look, go for subtle, delicate make-up in pastel colors and add sophisticated accessories to complete the outfit.