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Stylish and comfortable outfit combos that go with boots


If you love fashion, you probably know that looking stylish on a daily basis, but feeling comfortable at the same time can be quite difficult. However, with streets style looks becoming so versatile lately, you don’t need to put on high heels, or wear uncomfortable clothes in order to stand out with your fashion sense. Because this is the perfect season to wear boots, learning how to add them to several types of outfits might help you out. Look your best and feel comfortable with these few outfit combos:

Biker girl outfit – your go-to daily look

The perfect outfit combo for a day to today look consists of a stylish leather jacket, preferably black, a pair of ripped skinny jeans, or a pair of jeans with a classic cut, whatever you prefer most, and an oversized sweater, t-shirt or crop top underneath the jacket. Of course, the point of interest for this outfit will be the boosts. Opt for the classic Dr. Martens boot style, which you can find by accessing this site, in either black or a more unique print or color, depending on your personal taste. When putting this outfit combo on, you will certainly walk out the door confident in your appearance.

Chic, comfy and warm

For a winter or fall day of running errands, feeling comfortable and warm is of course necessary. However, why not be stylish and fashion forward at the same time? Take your favorite pair of boots out, an oversized, baggy sweater, preferably in a color that matches the footwear, and underneath the sweater put a long checkered shirt. Add a scarf for extra warmth and you are good to go. Layering still remains a popular trend this season, and baggy sweaters are also a must-have, so these clothing items should be definitely found in your wardrobe.

Dress to impress – party look

Who says you need to wear high heels to a party? Nowadays’ fashion rules are far from what they used to be, so wearing something you feel comfortable with to a party is perfectly fine. Take your pair of Dr. Martens, regardless if they are black or in a floral print and match them with a cute dress. Although you should not opt for a sparkly dress, or one that is far too elegant to go with flats, a skater dress with a unique design or in a vibrant color, topped with a denim jacket and some accessories will certainly be a head-turning outfit at a Saturday night party.

As you can see, there are plenty of great ways to incorporate a what seems to be classic pair of boots into your outfits. Be comfortable this season, but do not compromise on style with these few ideas. It’s a known act that dressing in a fashionable way can boost your self confidence, so if you want to feel and look great, and why not, become a fashion inspiration, trying out different types of outfit combos is recommended, and you can start with these ones.