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Tattoos ideas and styles for all tastes


When you finally decide to ink your skin, it is necessary to follow certain steps and search the best tattoos ideas on different sites in order to encourage your creativity. After choosing the ideal design, you can also personalize it in order to add your signature and feel that you somehow contributed to your long-lasting tattoo. Prepare your mind and body for the upcoming experience. Take a friend or someone close if it helps you remain calm and positive. Hydrate and moisturize your skin before the appointment, discuss with the tattoo artist about the whole process, take into consideration the placement of the tattoo and your pain tolerance, observe the instructions given by the artist regarding the maintenance of the tattooed area. After the long waited healing, you will definitely be surprised by the final result that will capture people’s attention.

Subtle minimalist tattoos

Minimalist tattoos certainly deserve your attention denoting a hint of simplicity and elegance. They compensate for size by significance and can be placed on any part of the body, from ankle, hip, clavicle to wrist and finger according to your desires. There are many advantages of having a subtle tattoo. Firstly, you can easily hide it when you attend special occasions and events or if you participate at various meetings at the workplace and you have to keep a clean serious image. Secondly, small tattoos are ideal if you are not willing to spend a considerable amount of money because you can create your own design and even personalize it to reduce the total cost. Finally yet importantly, the pain level will be tolerable and the healing process will be more relaxing because of the low maintenance.

Intricate tattoos

Complex tattoos demand a considerable amount of effort and skill from the artist and at the same time, require commitment and passion from the customer. Both sides must be truly involved and communicate with each other to establish the most suitable design and technique and to choose the most appropriate area of the body that will beautifully display the inspirational art. After considering all these steps, you should inform yourself about various intricate styles and symbolic meanings. For example, traditional, geometrical, biomechanical, illustrative and realistic tattoos have the most complex designs with spiritual and cultural interpretations.

Best tattoo artists in the world

In London, Xed Ledhead and Valerie Vargas are known for their intricate and dynamic style. In Vancouver Canada, Steve Moore is famous for its full sleeve tattoos while in New York Scott Campbell has important figures in the fashion world and celebrities included on his list. In Brooklyn, Bailey Hunter Robinson can play with different colors in order to create outstanding folk art and Thomas Hooper from Austin Texas can render the perfect traditional design. In Amsterdam, Angelique Houtkamp is a talented artist with an entire collection of feminine tattoos. Even if you do not live in the cities listed above, it certainly deserves a visit in order to obtain one of the most distinguishable and intricate tattoos.