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The Capucines bag – a journey into a world of endless finesse

Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly one of the most chic and voguish brands in the fashion industry. The French fashion house of worldwide renown has established an unblemished reputation in its 159 years of existence and has become a benchmark for luxury products through its remarkable collections. Its grandeur lies not only in the impressive designs, but also in its alluring diversity, ranging from its prominent handbags and trunks to a large variety of accessories, such as sunglasses, jewelry, watches or even books. Considered one of the most endearing luxury brands in the world, Louis Vuitton has recently released, in a grand style, two new bags that simply and solely dazzle through their impressive appearance: the Louis Vuitton W bag and the Capucines bag. Both have been labeled as remarkable accessories designed with a fresh, revitalizing air and at the same time maintaining a touch of never antiquated traditional style, and are considered to be a pièce de résistance for the fall of 2013. Of course, fans of the genre have made no delay in expressing their thoughts on the new products right down to the last detail.

capucines handbag

Although at a closer search one can find certain resemblances, the Capucines bag distinguishes itself from similar classic models launched by Louis Vuitton and boasts of unique features which shed a special kind of neutrality, distinction and elegance. The bag, regarded by specialists as irresistible through its simplicity, comes in an all leather version and is ideal for those who dislike the monogram concept, because it doesn’t feature the well-known iconic logo, but an optional LV that can be covered without too much trouble with the use of a flap.

Louis Vuitton Parnassa Collection

The designers have created this luxurious bag in two sizes, MM and GM, which differ slightly in terms of wideness and considerably in terms of price. Unlike the GM version, available in two colors: red and black, the MM version enjoys a much richer palette, such as apple green, dark turquoise and brown or yellow. With regard to the hardware, it varies according to the color of the leather and it can be either silver or gold. This exclusive bag, sold out since its introduction in the summer of 2013, passes as a successful attempt to resurrect the classic, never obsolete style and visibly distances itself from the current trends in the industry. This was the stated goal of the designers, to return to a simpler, yet stylish design and to consolidate the position of the fashion house as one of the most high-end luxury brands.

Through the release of the Capucines bag, Louis Vuitton has managed once again to prove that its fame for creating spectacular, yet discreet pieces is more than righteous. In times of vibrant, eccentric creations that catch the eye through their unencountered design, the voguish French fashion house has successfully time travelled and released a classic, alluring piece that reminds of the bonding between simplicity and elegance. Louis Vuitton is undeniably an elite brand displaying a unique, much sought-after style that entices into a world of rediscovery and endless finesse.