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The market for teeth whitening kits in the UK

Teeth whitening products have been a huge innovation ever since they were created and they have proven to be in high demand ever since. With promises of a bright, cover magazine like smile and absolutely no harm done to your dental structure, there is nothing which can be compared to buying a great tooth whitener for you or for a loved one. Entire kits of these products, together with all the necessary tools and important instructions, are sold in stores all over the United Kingdom and it’s no wonder why so many UK residents are turning to this amazing solution: it’s cheaper, more convenient and sometimes even more efficient than going to the dentist. Of course, this does not mean that buying such an astounding product for your appearance can replace the regular medical visits you need to make to your dentist, but it is a great cosmetic solution available in between these sessions. This is precisely why the market for these products has grown and expanded so strongly over the past couple of years. Apart from fact that cosmetic solutions are becoming increasingly sought after and that British men and women are striving to look their best more than ever, there is also another reason pushing forward the expansion of this sector and broadening of the market in this field: none other than the vast online environment with its many dedicated stores.


As a matter of fact, nothing has pushed this market further than the large increase in web based stores and platforms and the striking evolution of the online shopping trend. More and more men and women from all over the country purchase packages of whiteners for home use and have them delivered right to their doorstep. How can this be so easy? It simply is! There are many websites which are actually specialized in bringing forward the best cosmetic solutions on the market and this also means the most efficient teeth whitening kits UK has ever seen! These treatments are exceptionally good and come at a far lower price if compared to other sources because the wholesalers operating online have a worldwide network and offer clients the manufacturing price, no publicity costs or additional amounts of money being requested.


At the end of 2011, the European Union improved the rules for teeth whitening care and made tougher standards for these products, which would come into force at the end of 2012. UK legislation clearly stats that the whitening treatments used at home should not contain more than a level of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. To conclude, the home use of teeth whitening products and other treatments of this sort has witnessed an enormous increase in the United Kingdom over the past ten years and this trend seems to continue for quite some time. Furthermore, the specialized sellers which offer their products online are seeing an incredible increase in the number of orders of products in this category, regardless if that means simple whitening toothpaste or complex molded trays of peroxide based substances.