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The most fashionable bridal hairstyles and makeup


As a bride, the wedding day should be all about you. Everybody’s attention will be oriented towards you, so you have to look impeccable. Choosing the dress is, of course, the main task you will have to fulfil as far as the looks are concerned, but there are also other aspects which complete the outfit and are equally important: the accessories (veil, bouquet, shoes and jewellery), the hairstyle and the makeup. In order to obtain the neat result everybody is expecting, all these elements have to match perfectly, which is why you will have to book the services of a professional hairstylist and of a makeup artist in Ottawa. If you find it difficult to decide, you should know that there are plenty of ideas you will find on dedicated online pages and magazines. Here are some of the most popular suggestions, but remember that you will have to choose according on your personality and wedding themes.


The classy look

If you are a fan of simple things, then this style is the most suitable for you. As far as the hairstyle is concerned, the bun is still a popular options for those who are rather conformist. You can choose a traditional up do or a polished pony tail – these simple options will make you look feminine and extremely classy. In order to contrast, you can make a statement with your makeup: go for smokey eyes using strong colours, or a red lipstick that will definitely add a touch of elegance to the whole outfit.


The summer look

If your wedding takes place during summer, and you have chosen a laid back location, then your look should definitely be rather romantic. Besides this, you should also keep in mind that the warm temperatures will make it hard for you to let your hair loose, which is why an intricate or a French braided bun decorated with flowers are two of the best choices. Make sure you choose a light summer-ish makeup, with pastel colours and resistant products, because the weather conditions are likely to damage it faster.


The bohemian look

As a nonconformist bride, the bohemian look could be one of the best choices. Of course, the theme of the wedding and the venue has to be in accordance. Go for loose curls, half up half down, wavy hair or a sophisticated one side fish braid, and try to replace the tiara or veil with a flower wreath. Match all these with a delicate make up, and you will be for sure one of the most original brides.