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The perfect jewelry for your wedding day!


wedding-jewelryThere isn’t a girl out there that hasn’t once fantasized about her wedding day. Women think of all details and when that magical moment comes, they already have everything planned, from the flowers in the church to the veil the wedding maids will arrange. A bride is beautiful whatever she might be wearing, as the moment itself is special. However, if the watchful eyes of fashion would lean over some brides, they might be a bit disappointed of the jewelry choices they’ve made. So, if your moment is approaching and you need some tips on what jewelry items to pick, then here is everything you need to know.


Trends in accessories do exist and season after season, the rules change. This is exactly what happened in 2014 and it is high time you’ve read the opinion of fashion critics and designers.  What most brides don’t know is that the dress and jewelry pieces are highly connected with each other. It is very important to maintain a balance and to avoid extremes. The perfect bride is never simple in appearance, nor should her outfit be too much. So, the first tip for the upcoming season is to find equilibrium. If our dress already has too many details, then try to avoid complex pieces of jewelry. Go for the simple ones and preferably stop at earrings and a jewel in which to tuck your hair in. Remember to apply the same rule in case you wear a dress that has a round cleavage, as a necklace would look highly inappropriate. Additionally, 2014 comes up with another detail worth knowing. It is important that all the jewelry pieces you choose for this special event be elegant and classic. Try to avoid those over the board pieces, that are highly detailed, as in 2014 they are out of fashion! Elegant, simple pieces are sure to last a life time, always being in style.

Wedding-jewelry -hair

However, if you are going to wear a simple dress, then the situation is a completely different one. Considering that is one of the most important moments in your life, you will have to look your best. It is true that reaching that balance is a sure way of being the star of any party. Thus, if the dress has a simple design, then choose the bridal jewelry that will help you shine. In 2014, diamonds continue to be under the spotlight and most brides have already purchased such stones to place on either their earrings or pendants. Don’t waste anymore time and go directly to the jeweler and purchase your very own set! When it comes to jewelry trends, it is rather hard to come up with something new, completely innovating. Still, in bridal accessories reaching equilibrium is essential and by managing to do this, you can call yourself an expert! It might seem hard to choose adequate jewelry, but it is surely not impossible. If you are preparing for the big day, take into consideration the tips previously offered, as they can’t hurt!