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The secret behind Jimmy Choo

Tamara Mellon, the co-founder of the world famous Jimmy Choo company is getting ready to launch her autobiography, entitled “In Her Shoes” and speaking ahead, the multi-millionaire business woman declared that Jimmy Choo himself never designed one shoe for the company that bears his name. Not only that, but Mellon says that she was the one conceiving the ideas for the variety of models and designs, while the sketches were made by Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo’s niece. The statement definitely gave birth to quite some murmur, as Jimmy Choo shoes are among the top rated and preferred brands all over the world, especially by Hollywood stars and eminent woman figures everywhere.

Tamare Mellon appeared on the America’s Today and told the public that even though the original idea for the company was for her to run the business operations and for Jimmy to design the collection, in fact Choo was a cobbler and she never received a sketch from him. Before Jimmy leaving the company in 2001 and starting his own business of creating bespoke shoes, the Jimmy Choo brand was turning an amazing profit of “£3 million a year”, says Tamara Mellon in her book. That was at the end of year 2000 and ever since I can only imagine that the sales went up. She speaks very proudly of the success of the company during those years: “We had our own London boutique and were represented at 450 more stores, including Harrods and Selfridges.” She also accuses Jimmy of appropriating a British Fashion Council Award, when he had absolutely no reason for doing so: “…which Jimmy insisted on accepting on our behalf, even though hid design contribution had been nil.” The book comprises all of these “secrets” behind the great brand of Jimmy Choo and also speaks about several personal issues of Tamara, such as her drinking problem and drug addiction which caused her to lose her job at Vogue and enter rehab.

Many of the statements and accusations made by Tamara Mellon weren’t received well neither by the public nor her family. While she said her mother was also an alcoholic, reason for which their relationship suffered, her brother denied the accusation for the Daily Mail. Furthermore, as far as Jimmy Choo’s lack of involvement in the designing process, many apprentices and summer trainees declared that they have in fact witnessed the couturier designing and making shoes himself. No retaliation has been visible from the designer’s part so far and we probably won’t see any in the future either, as he never yet felt the need to justify the authenticity of his work. All in all, the behind-the-scene machinations that take place in the designer world don’t affect us, so if you’re looking for some amazing fashion ideas for women, then at least a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes have to be in your wardrobe. He is a mastermind of footwear, and can make any woman look gorgeous just by wearing his shoes. Fashion ideas for women that are as transforming come rarely, and accessories like these deserve the sacrifice of paying a bigger price.