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The wristwatch – 2014 hottest trend!

You’d best look back in time if you are thinking about new, intriguing accessories. Indeed the wristwatch has managed to secure a leading position among the most sought after accessories on the entire market! All designers, irrespective of their style or fashion preferences advise the large public to purchase at least one wristwatch, as this accessory is very in right now! When you say watch, you say tradition and elegance. Although this item has never actually left the fashion stage, it has entered a dark corner. Well, 2013 and the following year have given the wristwatch enough occasions in which it can shine. Yes, it is true, fashion experts do encourage people to wear watches! Of course they have made several remarks and here is what they say.


In 2013, wristwatches for women carried that masculine look, all metal, with a big display and a chunky appearance. In the following year, certain characteristics were maintained. That masculine influence is still very much in, but it does not have to be so obvious. Women should wear feminine wristwatches. For instance, the best combination of styles is the one that the Fossil brand has managed to obtain. Maintaining the large display and the masculine shape of the watch, the designers working here added a bit of glamour to the items by applying small rhinestones on the margin of the display. This surely gives that feminine, gentle look most women search for. Moreover, the same brand suggests another design, the golden one. However, women shouldn’t choose just any golden watch. It seems that on top of the list is the brassy shade, so keep your eyes wide open for accessories that look in the manner.

women- fashion-watches

If metal watches are not quite your thing, then don’t panic! Fashion critics have agreed that leather strap wristwatches deserve a second chance. Still, you shouldn’t overdo it! The strap has to be thin and simple. Large leather straps with designs or many details are no longer in, so be sure not to purchase one in the following period. This is not all. Large displays are in, but so are the small ones. In 2014, both variants are accepted. The difference is the occasion in which these are worn. While the large display watches are perfect for work or business meeting, the smaller one is ideal to wear in your leisure time. Moreover, if you are courageous enough, you can even wear the masculine, office watch at a party. Of course the dress has to look a certain manner, so that the wristwatch will fit perfectly. Still, there is one rule that should never be broken when choosing to use a watch as an accessory for a night gown. Never over do it with other accessories. It is preferably to have only the wristwatch and nothing else. Last, but not least is the mustache watch. This piece has only appeared this year, so it would have been rather difficult to be let out so quickly. Not to mention that it is rather amusing and popular. If you take into consideration all the above mentioned tips, you just can’t go wrong when it comes to accessories in 2014!