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Update your outfits with ribbons


If you consider yourself a fashion addicted person, you probably know how difficult it is to find new original items in regular shops. And in order to do that, your recommendation is trying to create your own clothes. You can buy a sewing machine and a large quantity of ribbons from online shops such as Colour Ribbons and then, use your imagination for creating some clothes and accessories that will make everybody envy your outfits.



Ribbons for your hat


Do you have a simple black hat which seems boring? Why don’t you try to make it more special by putting a ribbon around it? And the best tip is that you can change the ribbon every day and it would look so different that people may think that you have more than one item. On the other hand, if you love the vintage style, you should choose a special type of ribbon which comes with is design with this pattern.

Get rid of ordinary gloves


These accessories are used for keeping your hands warm, but a lady should wear an elegant pair of gloves, especially when she goes to an event like a party or an opera concert. And in order to make the gloves elegant, women can use a ribbon. But, according to experts, not any types of ribbons are recommended, but those made of velvet.

Ribbons for your dress


You can use the ribbon for high lightening your waist with the help of a ribbon. It is the same rule which is applied in the case of the hat, but only if you have a black dress. And if you have are the owner of a long sleeve dress, you can use the ribbon for making your sleeves look more interesting.

Dare for more: ribbons for your stockings!


If you have a short dress and you do not know how to wear it, you can choose a pair of stocking and add some ribbons. It will make your legs look more attractive! But be careful, because if you add some high heeled shoes, it can be too much! On the other hand, this outfit is not recommended for office or school.


Some mistakes when it comes to updating your wardrobe with ribbons:


  • Do not exaggerate! For example, if you wear a ribbon dress, with some ribbon shoes and a purse which is accessorised with ribbons too – it can be too much.
  • Do not forget about matching the patters and the colours! For example, you cannot use a black and white polka dot ribbon with a pink dress.
  • Avoid cartoon ribbons. They are out of fashion now.