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What accessories to wear for Spring 2014

The trends in accessories design are changing from season to season so every one of us who wants to be fashion forward has to keep up to date with the latest tendencies on the runways. When it comes to accessorizing, all women love to mix and mingle items of their choice, but if you want to achieve that eye-catching, modern look you can only do so by following the professionals’ advice to the letter.

Editors and fashions critics are always on the lookout for what items catch the attention and will turn into next season’s must have piece. With their constant attention on the fashion industry, designer shows and celebrity appearances, they know best what is in and what is out, what is fresh and what grew old. So here are a couple of tips and tricks you need to know about how to accessorize in Spring 2014. We’ve put together a list of the most creative and unique accessories coming straight from the runways that will surely be show stoppers wherever you wear them.

In terms of color, purple is the king as many high end designers appealed to this powerful, royal color. Accentuate it with golden or silvery accessories and trendy metal colors. As for textures, the plot thickens. Accessories are becoming bolder and bolder with each fashion show and the next season brings with it an interesting organic feel to our classic items, like shoes and purses.

Extraordinary swan-inspired bags, with feather and beaded details, in pitch black allover, are not a rare sight as more and more designers went for dark colors as opposed to the soft creamy textures worn in the past and strong patterns with a strong structural feel to them.

These architectural designs have passed to shoes as well and many runway shows feature unique and almost unimaginable heel structures that make you gaze in amazement. A new spin on the traditional shoe, modern day pumps include items as curios as they are beautiful. Feather stilettos or puff flats are a must have for the following spring. Not to mention textured bags and ombré-feathered designer purses.

And if you thought handmade and artisan items are out of the picture, guess again. Hand painted backpacks seem to be on high demand for the following spring and boohoo chic beaded necklaces in cheerful colors are a definite acquisition.

As for dimensions, plus-sized items are “in” once again. Although a simple, classic cut and straightforward shoulder purse will always stay in trends, no matter the season, bags are growing bigger and bigger. The oversized travelling accessory has become a luxury item lately. And as an element of innovation: jewelry will have to match applications on the bag, as seen on many catwalks around the world.

Another hit has come from the all over loved fringe. Throughout the NY Fashion Week, fringe elements have popped up everywhere, from sandals to clutches and everywhere in between. With these as the final trends on our Spring 2014 accessory guide, don’t waste any more time letting those wish lists pile up and apply our straight from the runway advice into your daily life the next time you go shopping for the spring.

These are the main accessory trends for the 2014 spring-summer season. If you want to discover more useful womens fashion tips, visit On that website, you will also discover some timeless fashion styles, which will help you look flawless even when your budget doesn’t allow you to keep up with the latest trends.