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What are the Best Lash Growth Serums on the Market

If you want to have long hashes then go natural! As you know on the market there are available some lash growth serums that can stimulate the lashes to grow even longer than you already have them. It may take you some time until you get the desired result but it’s the safe way for how you can have longer lashes. Putting some false lashes on, may not be the best option out there. In time the false lashes may damage your natural lashes.

Not all the lash growth serums on the market are good for your lashes. Some of them contain chemicals that do harm to your lashes.

Don’t be cheap with a product that is applied right over your eyelids. Invest a certain amount of money if you want to obtain some pretty results.

A good lash growth serum must contain the following ingredients:

  • glycoprotein
  • panthenol
  • hyaluronic acid

The glycoprotein is a must have ingredient that stimulates the growth of hair follicles not only the eye lashes growth.

The panthenol helps the lashes not to break during their growth. They will be different as you’ve never seen them before. That’s why you need some ingredient that will help your lashes support themselves.

The hyaluronic acid is known for its property to intensify the blood flow where it is applied. As you know the blood is the main carrier for all the nutrients that assure the development of any cell. A higher blood flow around your lashes is translated into a more intense nourishment. If they want to grow more they will have enough food to be fed with.

Good lash growth serums

In order to make sure that you are investing your money in the most efficient serum, visit a eyelash growth serum reviews site. These websites usually feature the pros and cons of the best products on the market. After a thorough research we came across the best eyelash growth serum reviews site which recommended the following products.


This is one of the most appreciated products on the market. Its results are above average. All the women involved in a clinical study noticed improvements for their lashes after only two weeks of continuous using.

Idol Lash

This type of lash growth serum focuses on the density of the eyelashes. It makes them thicker. The truth is, why would you ever want a few long pieces of hair when you can have a whole broom!


This product is not so popular as the other two are. Its main strong point is the speed of how fast it makes your lashes grow. You can see the results after 3 or 4 weeks. Even it may be very efficient, we wonder for how much time will these lashes last.