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What does 2014 say about hairstyles?

2014 is definitely the year of change, the year in which everyone can finally show off how courageous they really are. If 2013 taught fashion addicts that natural hairdos are just what critics approve of, then the upcoming season allows you to take matters into your own hands. Indeed the following year, bold hairstyles are what all designers seek. From wavy curls to strong colors, fashionistas have to be prepared for what is coming their way. First thing’s first, women need to understand that even though the natural trend has passed, this shouldn’t mean to give it up if it looks good. On the contrary, if you feel comfortable wearing your hair natural, then do so, but always look neat. One trend that has long been forgotten is the ravaged, wild look! short-hair According to numerous 2014 fashion style tips, this year, there is nothing more appreciated than the curls and when they look natural it is even better. Women have to become very good friends with either the rollers or the curling iron, as they won’t last too much time without it in 2014. Although fashion critics prefer the large ones, small curls are not underappreciated. Since length came up, it is high time fashionistas learned a new secret regarding the upcoming season. If you only heard rumors, then it is time you found out which were true and which were false. 2014 loves short hair! It is not the classical, traditional bob hairdo that came back, but those hairstyles that are truly brave. Some new cute short haircut will hit the fashion trends next year, and we bet you’ll have a chance to see them first on some of our favorite celebrities. Because fashion rarely changes a lot from season to season, the cute short haircuts that will be popular won’t be so different from what we see today, but there are definitely going to be some innovations and novelties that we’ll have to adapt to.
Still, you don’t have to shave half of your hair to obtain that courageous look. Far from it! If you can, try to stay away from that hairdo, as it wasn’t a very good idea, not even when all celebrities tried it! What you should try however, are some short layered haircuts, they’re going to keep being popular, because they can be styled both elegantly and sportier, and because they look good straight and wavy curled.long-hair It is true that the 2014 fashion style tips also encourage short hair. The hairdos most stylists are looking to create are quite attractive and come to draw attention upon the fine lines of a woman’s neck. Daring hairstyles, often asymmetric that combine a high number of techniques and patterns, the hairstyles prepared for 2014 are definitely a surprise for many fashionistas. If you would like an example of a haircut that is similar to what 2014 expects, then think of Rihanna in the video ‘ Umbrella’. The same short length in the back and long in front, this is what hairstylists are looking to provide their clients with. She’s even sported some interesting curly short haircuts that gave her a glamorous and pin-up sort of look. The fun thing is you can experiment a lot with curly short haircuts and make them look sporty, casual or elegant.

Since there is nothing bolder to wear than a strong color, it is high time experts mentioned the 2014 palette. The following season everything is allowed, from dark black to red or yellow. The only rule is to always wear something that fits, never just for the sake of fashion. If 2013 was all about looking natural, then 2014 is all about felling natural and there is no better method than to express yourself through your look. 2014 is the year in which you get to be brave and if you make a mistake no one will tell it is so. So, start experimenting and see which color fits you best.