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What to wear in 2014?

Fashion is constantly changing and at a fast pace! Being a true fashionista is not easy at all, but if you get the right pieces of information in real time, you have real chances of achieving this goal. So, start your research and the best way to do just that is to look over the 2014 trends. Indeed experts together with designers have prepared several changes for the upcoming period, so get ready to know them all. 2014 is the year in which novelty and innovation are visible in all pieces! All important fashion points in the world have already presented the backwards buttoning shirt. Yes, you’ve heard right, designers have included such clothing pieces in their presentations and to the surprise of many, simplicity in design was a constant in all of them! The back buttoned shirt is not something that has just popped out of the blue. Designers like Alexander Wang, Rodarte or Diesel Black Gold managed to do a great job with this piece and the famous Trussardi applied the same rule on dresses. Now that this detail is fashionable, why not use it? 2014 trends do encourage you to do just that! This year, fashion lovers can start experiencing and the bigger chances you take, the better. If you know your mom has an eye for fashion, the why not buy her the backwards buttoning shirt? It will surely make a cool fashion Mother’s Day gift!

fall 2014

In terms of design, simplicity takes the prize, as in the upcoming season most outfits are full of clothing pieces that have no design, no largely written messages, no beads or spangles. Somehow, they made a great impression on fashion critics if in 2014, you will once again see simple designs! There is only one  aspect that deserves your complete and full attention! A true fashion outfit in 2014 has to be simple, but not to simple, so what you need to focus upon are other elements like color or material. Unquestionably, the upcoming period gives a lot of power to materials with a strong impact like velvet or the designer’s favorite, leather! A white leather dress that is back buttoned will surely bring you the best fashion title! However, fabric combinations are not to be forgotten. These create that visual effect designers are looking for in 2014. Leather is a must, so purchase those items that include this element, as it is a keeper!




For all those interested fashionistas out there, a word of advice: fringes and the male look are not out! Thus, don’t hurry to throw those sexy, fringing dresses away, as their time is not yet over! To obtain that 2014 male look, then definitely buy a smoking jacket! You don’t have to go for the black and white version. Take example from Pucci, the designer who brought forward an electric smoking jacket that is simply dazzling. If you like more feminine, cheerful colors, then go for the Blumarine version which comes in a strong yellow! Since fabrics matters greatly. In 2014, you have two choices of obtaining that sophisticated look! You can either go for silk or satin or choose luxurious fabrics like velvet. 2014 trends might be based on simplicity, but details are what matter most. Now that you have found out exactly what 2014 stands for in fashion, there should be nothing keeping you from experimenting.