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White – the new fashionable color

Unlike other domains, technological for instance, fashion is cyclic, which means that something that today seems obsolete may become tomorrow’s biggest trend. You never knew, but perhaps a crop top that had been sitting for years desolated in your closet and just waiting patiently to come out will soon turn into an attraction point at a forthcoming party. It may’ve seemed nonsense a while ago, but designers have pondered upon this matter and decided to bring crop tops back with style and glamour, making them one of the stars of the New York fashion week. The new pieces, visibly set apart from their libertine 90’s aspect designed mostly for teenagers, stand out through their more mature appearance, offering the possibility of not exposing to the world your whole stomach. Of course, a certain resemblance is inevitable, but in general many aspects have considerably changed, leading to a rather sophisticated than provocative look. Many famous designers renowned for their grandiose creations have embraced this trend that will undoubtedly leave its mark on the spring of 2014. So if you do decide to try one on, whether it’s a long sleeve or en empty stomach model, you’ll definitely be fashionable. If you grew up in the 90’s, you probably don’t want to pay a lot of clothing items that used to be cheap, so you can always vamp up your old clothes by adding modern elements. Alternatively, you can make new clothes from scratch with tips from

white dress

If you’re into sports and sport clothing, you’ll most surely feel in your element in the spring of 2014. Active people who prefer comfort over elegance will enjoy the new trend, because the athletic look is on the rise. If you didn’t expect it, if you thought it won’t turn into a huge trend, than it’s best to prepare yourself for an invasion of track pants, running tights or loose T-shirts. In terms of colors, a radical change in comparison to the former years could be admired or called in question on the runways during the New York fashion week. After numerous years of collections from various designers displaying bright, vibrant colors, white is the revitalizing choice of the specialists for the spring of 2014, one that brought a more different, fresher air to the shows. Many designers stated that a new approach was necessary and white was the ideal alternative, taking into account the fact that the market had been dominated by vivid, shiny colors in past time. So the spring of next year will bring many new challenges and surprising changes in the fashion world in every aspect, confirming its status of evermore enchanting. Thus, the newest fashion trends will represent quite a departure from what we’ve seen in the past few years, and it looks like 2014 will be a turning point where things get reinvented and new directions are traced. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to get rid of your entire wardrobe; on the contrary, the newest fashion trends might just allow you to make new use of old pieces, and to repurpose pieces of clothes that have been lying on your shelves for years.

little white dress

As mentioned initially, fashion repeats itself, brings back things that seemingly were buried deep, resurrects styles that apparently began to decay. The rediscovery of crop tops, a piece that seemed to reach its peak in the 90’s and then be forever forgotten, is the ideal example to defend this thesis. The rediscovery of white after years and years of vibrant, screaming colors smothering the runaways, whether it’s a paint-suit with floral detailing or a head-to-toe ensemble, also confirms the above mentioned theory. The latest edition of the famous New York fashion week was nothing more than a reminder that fashion is cyclic and what today may seem outdated tomorrow may be seen in a totally different light.