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Why women work with personal trainers

Women have always shown an increased interest for the way they look, for their bodies and their physical aspect, which is why they generally put in great efforts to look their best. Women keep diets and work out regularly, all in the attempt to keep their bodies toned and fit. A recent trend among women, as far as working out or going to the gym is concerned, refers to the hiring of personal fitness trainers or coaching. Indeed, in the recent years, more and more women have started to work with personal trainers, as opposed to simply signing up for gym memberships or running in the park together with their friends, taking yoga classes or anything else that they had tried so far. There are several reasons for which this trend has managed to gain so much ground, especially within the female client market, which was obviously the most impacted market sector.

So why do women work with personal trainers? Well, first of all, it was a matter of image. The trend was started by celebrities, famous models and actresses, who swore by the effectiveness and greatness of working with your own, personal fitness coach, so women, who are more susceptible to following the steps of their role model celebrities, started to be interested in personal trainers. Then, due to the fact that personal training gives indeed great results and helps people lose weight faster or stay fit and toned easier and better than any other training program, the word got out that it’s not just trendy to have a personal trainer, it is also effective. To that extent, more and more women renounced their gym memberships and began looking for the right trainer for them. However, sometimes, they would find the most suitable fitness coach right at their gym, due to the fact that as the trend got more and more popular, many gyms began employing personal trainers and offering personal training services, in order not to lose clientele.

Another reason for which women like and tend to work with personal trainers, more than men do, is that when working out, women don’t feel that need for bonding or for competition, like men do. They like and enjoy going to the gym, because their they can work out with other men, talk to them, befriend them and even compete with them, either in a friendly manner or otherwise. This interaction is a main attraction in their working out, but women are more focused on getting results than on turning gym membership into a whole ritual. The bottom line is that, whether because they want to get fast results, they follow the steps of others or they are convinced of the effectiveness of personal trainers and their work, women are generally keen on personal fitness training and resort to it a greater number than men.